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Tax Refund Identity Thieves Need An Online Theft Class!

by Dr. Ari Novick April 9, 2013

As we know, Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. The IRS reports that there has been a huge leap in tax refund-related identity theft this tax year. This is with over 3,000 government employees dedicated to working on this issue. The agency says that it was able to prevent $20 billion in fraudulent returns and stopped 5 million suspicious returns. To combat this issue, the White House is looking to increase criminal sentences for individuals convicted of this type of scam in the 2014 budget proposal. They are also calling for a $5,000 civil penalty for each incidence of identity theft.

Individuals who dedicate their time to figuring out how to steal other people’s personal information will begin to see stricter and harsher repercussions. If you find yourself with the uncontrollable desire or impulse to steal, but are ready to take steps to make a change than an online theft class is a good way to begin. Shoplifting, stealing and preying on other’s for your own benefit is often rooted in poor decision making skills and impulse control issues. Educationally based theft classes are an introduction to understanding and dealing with this behavior. Participants learn about the psychology of stealing and how to begin to see the victim’s point of view. Through behavioral interventions, empathy training and victim impact, improvement of communication skills and stress management, students learn how to control the impulse. The goal is to stop the individual from continuing with this lifelong struggle.

The reality is that the more times a thief perpetrates a scam, the higher the chances that he or she will eventually get caught. If you have found yourself with a court order to take a theft class due to an offense, the most convenient and educational way to fulfill the requirement is to take the class online. Just be sure to get prior approval to take a distance learning class from your judge, probation officer or attorney and you are on your way to changing your life for the better.

Perpetrators of Identity Theft will no doubt spend time in jail, have restitution fines to pay and most judges across the country will also order a theft education class as part of probation. Online classes can be taken from any computer device that is connected to the Internet and from anywhere in the 50 states. Participants enrolled in online theft classes say that they particularly like the format because it gives them the privacy and quiet to learn the information at home instead of in a classroom full of other ex-convicts. Classes are available to access online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the participant can take them without interfering with school, work or family time. There is no limit to the number of times you enter and exit the class, so the individual can spend 20 minutes a day on it, or 8 hours, whatever works best. After a short multiple choice exam has been passed, a Certificate of Completion is sent via regular mail free of any additional charge and the requirement is fulfilled.

Take an online theft class today for support in learning how to make an honest life for yourself.

About the author

Ari Novick, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychotherapist.  He has both a clinical practice in Laguna Beach as well as online classes in a variety of areas.  He is the president of Theft Class Online.

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