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Welcome to the AJ Novick Group, Inc. Theft Class Online™! We provide trusted and convenient online Theft and shoplifting Awareness Classes for individuals who need to take a program related to stealing, theft, petty theft, larceny, or shoplifting. Since 2003, we are an industry leading provider in delivering distance learning classes. Our Online Theft Classes are available 24 hours a day, are completely online and come with a Certificate of Completion, free! Our online courses are the ideal offender solution for those required to take a theft or shoplifting class. Start today!

Our Theft Awareness and Shoplifting Class online are designed for court ordered, legal, school or professional requirements. Our theft prevention education courses are available in all 50 states, Canada and abroad. We offer the most reliable, accepted, trusted and convenient online courses available on the Internet.

Available Theft Classes Online: 4, 8, 10 and 16 Hour Classes

Stealing, shoplifting, and related forms of theft are often the cause of poor judgment and impulse control issues. Our Online Theft Class uses a cognitive behavioral approach to help improve one's thinking and behavior. We offer 4 unique programs. Our standard "Theft Education Class" is 4 hours and we also offer a 8 hour, and Advanced 10 and 16 Hour Theft Classes all completely online!

Our Online Theft Education Classes are designed for all ages and do not require sophisticated computer skills. Our online classes are presented in a unique online classroom that simply requires an Internet connection and a willingness to learn. There is nothing to download, nothing to wait in the mail for and the classes can be started immediately after registration.

Our online classes were developed by Dr. Ari Novick, Ph.D. and other licensed clinicians and experts. These online classes are more than just convenient; they are an affordable, relevant and effective way to meet your requirement without having to lose time away from work, home, school or other life commitments.

Available Online Theft Classes

Program Price
4 Hour Theft Education Class $95.00 Register
8 Hour Theft Education Class $145.00 Register
10 Hour Theft Education Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour Advanced Theft Education Class $245.00 Register
4 Hour Spanish Theft Education Class $95.00 Register

How the Online Theft Classes Works

First, Click Here to Register. Once you register, you will receive access to our exclusive Member's Area. You can access the class 24 hours a day from any web browser. The course will walk you through the simple and easy to use online Theft Education course.

These online classes are completely self-paced, you don't have to take it all at once. You can in/out and return the any time to continue your course. Whatever suits your schedule! Once you complete the course, we will send you your Certificate of Completion at no charge. Overnight shipping is available. Instant downloads are also available!

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  • Satisfy a Court, Legal or Occupational Requirement
  • Certificate of Completion Awarded
  • Free Online Proof of Enrollment
  • Stay Totally Anonymous
  • Access 24/7 & Self-Paced Format
  • Better Business Bureau Verified
  • Guaranteed & Nationally Accepted
  • Affordable and User Friendly
  • Developed by Experts
  • 24/7 Email & Phone Support
  • Help Master Theft Addiction
  • Work at Your Convenience
  • Available in all 50 U.S. States, Canada and Abroad

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Our Guarantee

**We stand behind all of our products and programs. While many participants take our online theft education classes for personal reasons, others may take them for a court, probation or other legal requirement. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and acceptance of our programs for a court or legal requirement, we will refund your money in full with written proof of decline. Click here for more information about our Guarantee.


These are educational courses only. They are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice or counseling. It is your responsibility to confirm with the judge, probation, or your attorney as to whether our distance-learning theft education program will meet your specific requirements.

  • Better Business Bureau verified and approved with A+ rating
  • California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (Provider #: CP20 985 H 0522)
  • California Foundation for Advancement of Addiction Professionals (CFAAP) (Certificate number 1N-06-745-1123)

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