How the Online Theft and Shoplifting Education Class Works

Step 1: Registration for Theft Class Online™

Click Here to start our simple registration process. The cost of the standard 4 hour Theft and Shoplifting Education Class is $95.00 and the Advanced 10 hour class is $245.00. You will create your own user name and password to gain access to the class. Pay using our secure form — We accept all major cards and PayPal.

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Step 2: Login to the Theft Class Online Members Area

You can click the Member Login link at the top of the page or the Continue Class link on the menu at left. Enter your user name and password you provided when you registered.

Step 3: Take the Theft Education Class

Class SampleWhen you first log-in to the members area you will see an outline of the class. The class has 8 chapters total. Each chapter contains multiple lessons which contain text, graphics, and diagrams. Throughout the class are easy to follow exercises and instructions which guide you from page to page. Learning is made easy; the exercises are enjoyable, and the program is practical, comprehensive and a great learning experience.

You can take a break at any time during the class by selecting the logout link. Then when you login again later, the class will start again exactly where you left off. This way your can take the class as quickly or slowly as your want. This program is completely self-paced.

You can also go back and review any of the class material at any point during the class.

At the end of the material, you will be given a short true/false choice test that will test your understanding of the concepts of the course. If you don’t pass, you can retake the exam as many times as you want. Once you pass the exam you will have completed the course and you will receive your Certificate of Completion, Free!

Step 4: Receive your Certificate

Certificate Shipment Options
US Mail U.S. Postal Service
FedEx Second Day or Overnight

As soon as you finish the class we will prepare your official Certificate of Completion and send it to you at no charge. We send it to you via U.S. Mail unless you request expedited shipping during the registration process.

If at any time during the class you have a question regarding the class OR your certificate, you may Contact Us and we will quickly respond.