Theft Class Online™ Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about our Theft and Shoplifting Education Classes online:

“I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to a huge problem I had. I can honestly say I learned so much from this theft education program. I wish I had taken a class like this longer ago.”
Debbie P. — Boca Raton, FL
“Dear Dr. Novick,

Your course was approved by the Placer County D.A. I just found out, this late afternoon, that this is a first for them! They said so many courses were bogus and that they never approve any Internet classes. I have 'spoken yours up' with them, by email and by phone.

Having all of this in my life goes against my 'essence' as a human being and how I live my life. I am a member of St. Vincent de Paul, an organization that helps the needy. I'm a Lector at my church, and people know that I'm always helping someone with something. I was just really down on my luck and money, since I am on disability, when this occurrence happened. I have bills that I can only make the minimum payment on each month. I literally could not attend my favorite nephew's college graduation weekend before last, which was three hours round trip, because I couldn't afford the gas to get there and back.

Any and all assistance you could offer me, Dr. Novick, in regards to payment for your 12 hour course, would be greatly, more than greatly, appreciated by me. In turn, I could highly recommend your online classes to the District Attorney's office of Placer County. My goal would be, not only to get them to approve your coursework, which I have facilitated them doing so far...but also recommending your coursework to their clients. I have already told them how communicative you have been with me, which has really spoken volumes to me...and them.

I thank you in advance, Dr. Novick, for your kindness and generosity in my plea for your financial assistance.

Once again, God bless you in your profession.”
Christine — Placer County, CA
“Okay thanks for your help this (Theft Class) program was honestly a big help in my life and little did I know stealing could be a impulse to other life issues. Seriously, every page just kept making sense to exactly the way I was and it showed how I can improve on those things so I would like to give you my highest gratitude.”
Christopher T. — Dickinson, TX
“Thank you for providing this service. I was ordered to take a Theft Education class, but the closest one to me was two hours a way. This program was a great learning experience and really opened my eyes. Thank you so much.”
Owen D. — Knoxville, TN
“ provided an excellent course. The course made me realize that my stealing was kinda like an addiction and that I can get control over it. I learned some new techniques that I will start using right away!”
Pete F. — Huntersville, NC
“When I signed up for this shoplifting class I thought it was going to be a joke. To my surprise, I actually learned something, especially about how my actions effect others. This was a great experience for me. Thank you.”
Kelly L. — Seattle, WA
“I really liked the section on empathy. I never really thought about how my stealing effected other people. I really feel like I am a better person for taking this class. The certificate was also helpful for getting my court case closed.”
Raymond G. — Santa Cruz, CA
“This online theft education class made me really think about what I was doing and why it was so wrong. I struggle with impulse control problems in general and I learned some new strategies for coping better in many areas of my life. Dr. Novick, thank you for creating such a wonderful course.”
Erika S. — Waco, TX
“There were so many classes like this on the Internet and it was hard to tell which one to pick. After researching, I came to realize that one person was just hosting a bunch of websites with different names. When I found this one, I realized I stumbled upon the right resource. This class seriously changed my life and my view towards stealing. Not only did a fulfill my requirements from the court and my parents, I also really learned a ton!”
Michelle W. — Oakpark, IL