New Jersey Theft and Shoplifting Classes Online

Why is Theft Class Online™  the People's Choice?

Theft Class Online™ offers the most comprehensive and simple solution to taking a New Jersey theft or shoplifting class.  We offer a variety of online courses that are suitable for court, probation, school, employment or simply for personal growth.  Don't be embarrassed about taking a class, our online theft, larceny and shoplifting classes are totally anonymous.

Superior Theft and Shoplifting Classes

Our courses were written and developed by Dr. Ari Novick, Ph.D., a licensed psychotherapist with years of clinical experience helping clients with problems related to theft addiction or impulse control problems. Our New Jersey Shoplifting and Theft courses come with a Certificate of Completion 100% free.  Click Here to Register

Available Online Theft Classes

Program Price
4 Hour Theft Education Class $95.00 Register
8 Hour Theft Education Class $145.00 Register
10 Hour Theft Education Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour Advanced Theft Education Class $245.00 Register
4 Hour Spanish Theft Education Class $95.00 Register
What you Need to Know about New Jersey Theft and Shoplifting Classes Online

1. What skills can I gain in your New Jersey Theft and Larceny Class?

Theft Class Online™  teaches a variety of skills to help those who struggle with theft and shoplifting addiction.  Click here to see our course outline.  Our goal is create an exceptional learning experience from a company you can trust.

2. How much does your New Jersey Theft Education Class Cost?

We offer two world class programs.  Our standard theft and shoplifting class is 4 hours and costs $95.00 and we also offer an Advanced shoplifting class which is 10 hours and costs $195.00.  Our website is 100% secure and uses state of the art encryption to protect your identity.

3. Is your Certificate of Completion Free?

Yes, we don't charge any money for the certificate of completion when you take the New Jersey online Theft and Shoplifting Class.  It is issued free of charge. There are no hidden fees, everything is included in the cost of the class when you sign up.

4. How does your Theft Class match up to other New Jersey Shoplifting classes?

There is no comparison.  Currently, no other online program is offered by a licensed professional.  Most claim to be written by "experts", but its hard to tell.  When you take our theft and larceny education class, you can be secure in the quality of the course, and a signed certificate from Dr. Novick himself.

5. Is your class fully refundable if I'm not happy with your New Jersey Theft Class?

Our programs are backed by a 100% guarantee.  We stand behind our products and online classes.  Read our guarantee for more information.

6. Do I need to be computer savvy to take this class?

Our programs were designed to be simple and user friendly.  All you need is an Internet connection and a computer, that's it!.  There is nothing to download or print either.  Just point and click and you can complete your class in as short as a day!