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Take A 4 Hour Theft Class Online So Don't Have To Worry About Missing A Deadline

by Dr. Ari Novick April 22, 2013

Do you need a court ordered theft class for stealing? Larceny is defined as the unlawful taking away of property from someone else’s possession. Examples of larceny include embezzlement, forgery, and theft of parts of cars, bicycles, shoplifting and check fraud. The most recent data from the FBI states that there were approximately 6.1 million larceny thefts in our nation in 2010!

If you have been indicted for larceny and it’s your first offense, you can expect to pay a fine, do community service work, pay restitution to the business or person you stole from and attend theft education classes. Jurisdictions in all 50 states have come to realize after years of research that most shoplifters or thieves have underlying impulse control or poor decision-making skills. Simple jail time or fines is not enough to stop the behavior from repeating itself. Therefore, theft offenders must now attend a minimum 4-hour theft class with the goal of learning why this behavior is detrimental to themselves and society and how to specifically overcome it utilizing cutting edge techniques and skills.

The good news is that Theft Diversion Classes are available to take online to fulfill court orders as well as for self-improvement purposes. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting to a traditional classroom once a week. You don’t have to mingle with other unsavory characters. You don’t have to share your story or listen to other people’s woes. You don’t have to extra spend money and time on gas and transportation. You don’t have to miss work, school or time with the family to meet a teacher’s schedule. You don’t have to keep pace with a teacher’s weekly schedule.

Instead, you get to take the theft class from the relaxed atmosphere of your own home whenever you want to. Once you register, the class is available for you to read through 24/7. You can login and out unlimited times and the program will hold your last spot for you. So, if you want to, you can spend 20 minutes on it one day, skip the next and then 3 hours and 40 minutes over the weekend and your done! Or, you can sit down and take the class all in one day if you are under an upcoming deadline. Participants can print out a proof of enrollment to show probation officers, judges or attorneys. Progress reports are available upon request and when you have successfully finished, a Certificate of Completion is sent out to wherever you designate. This paperwork proves to the court system that you fulfilled the requirement.

Online classes are designed to be court approved so they include all the educational material that the judicial system is looking for you to learn. This includes understanding impulse control disorders, the psychology of stealing, empathy and victim awareness and the consequences of continuing the behavior. Participants walk away with new life skills in anger and stress management, and specific tools to use to redirect and overcome the desire to steal.

Take a stop-stealing class online today. You will be satisfied with the ease, convenience, and cost and will learn techniques to change your life forever!

About the author

Ari Novick, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychotherapist.  He has both a clinical practice in Laguna Beach as well as online classes in a variety of areas.  He is the president of Theft Class Online.

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